2023 Finalist Teams

Boston University
Project Title: Aluminum Powder Combustion
Advisor: James Geiger

Boston University
Project Title: Iron Powder as a Clean Aviation Fuel Source
Advisor: Dr. Anthony Linn

Carnegie Mellon University
Project Title: A Pathway to the Fuel of the Future: Hydrogen’s Role in Aviation Decarbonization
Advisors: Dr. Jared Cohon, Dr. Peter Zhang

Manhattan College
Project Title: High on Hydrogen!
Advisor: Dr. Bahareh Estejab

Ohio State University
Project Title: Project Source to Soar
Advisor: Dr. Bhavik Bakshi

Texas A&M University
Project Title: Nuclear Aviation Project
Advisor: Dr. Ahmed Abdelaal

University of California, San Diego
Project Title: Aircraft Propulsion by Directed Energy Beam Bursts (DEB-B)
Advisor: Dr. Sylvia Herbert

University of Texas, Austin
Project Title: Lifecycle Analysis of Space-Based Solar Power
Advisor: Dr. Christian Claudel