2022 Finalist Teams

Carnegie Mellon University
Project Title: Sustainability and Connected Autonomy: A New Era for Aviation
Advisor: Dr. Sebastian Scherer

Manhattan College
Project Title: Soaring Into the 2050s
Advisor: Dr. Bahareh Estejab

Ohio State University
Project Title: Project ECOAir
Advisor: Ethan Rivera

University of California, Irvine
Project Title: Blue Skies, Green Fuels, Bright Future
Advisor: Dr. Jacqueline Huynh

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Project Title: Modern Day Wright Brothers
Advisor: Dr. Leon Liebenburg

University of Pennsylvania
Project Title: Carbon Negative: A Modular Approach to Advancing Green Airport Infrastructure
Advisor: Dr. Jacqueline B. Kirtley

University of Texas, Austin
Project Title: What Starts Here Fuels The World: Airports Supporting The Future Of Aviation
Advisor: Dr. Lina Sela

University of Texas, Austin
Project Title: Bluebonnet Skies
Advisor: Dr. Shannon O’Brien